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My Final Project

The following is a link to my final project:

My techincal document is How to maintain a Tippmann A-5 in a form of a comic book.


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Examples and Links for my Project

From my previous post, I have said that my project is “How to Maintain a Tippmann A5” in a form of a comic strip. I have been browsing through the Marvel Comics, DCcomics and the Tippmann website. In the Marvel Comics website, I’ve been trying to look for some ideas of how to structure my comic strip and what type of method of structuring. I want my comic strip to have a comic feel to it, and I do not what my comic strip to be a static size or a static format. The manual for the Tippmann A5 (the manual from the link is in pdf format) from the website or the manual that came with the marker is basically a diagram of the marker that’s broken up. I did not find it useful when I was maintain/cleaning my marker the first time. The reason I am using the Tippmann website is because it will serve as a reference to the parts of the  marker. I want to use the technical terms for the parts of the paintball marker, rather than calling the parts a round thing or a tube like thing. The manual also have a short explanation of how to open the marker, but it does not go into detail on opening it and how to actually clean and maintain the marker. I will also try to adapt to the conventions of a comic strip, meaning it will not only be a step by step on how to open, clean and close the marker. There will also be characters in my comic strip,  not just me explaining how to maintain the marker. I will make most of the sections of the comic book, some of the sections i will get from flickr. An example I’ll be using from the DC comics website is this comic strip (in pdf format), there are some more example from the marvel website but the examples are in flash format.

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Final Project Idea

My final project will be a technical document on how to maintain a paintball marker in a form of a comic strip. A paintball marker is another term for paintball gun. Plus, that is what paintball markers do, marker stuff. I would also said it’s politically correct term for it. I’ve been playing paintball for almost 5 years. I bought a Tippmann A-5 a few years ago (a picture of the marker is below this post). When I bought my marker, I was confused with the manual. The manual does not explain how to open the marker. I’ve spent roughly 30 to 45 minutes trying to figure out how to open the marker. I didn’t know if I was doing it right or not. The reason why you would open the marker is to maintain and keep the parts inside oil or lubricated. And the reason why you would need to maintain your marker is to have it operating for as long as possible, without it rusting etc. It is a $200 piece of equipment and you want to use it for a long time. The manual that came with my marker only tells you the parts of the marker. I am planning on explaining step by step how to maintain the Tippmann A-5, from opening it to putting it back together. I am also planning on taking pictures of me maintaining my marker and editing it with photoshop. If you plan on cleaning your marker after you play, please make sure there is no paints in the chamber and the air tank isn’t attached to the marker, and make it a good habit to put the marker on safety when you don’t plan on using it.3134339156_49469c9042By

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A Critque of my Three Sources

The topic of my project is HTML and CSS. The three sources I have for this project are and I found these sources from google. They were the first 3 links when I searched the keyword “html”. All three sources have a few things in common and they have many differences.
What I liked about the three sources is that it is in a form of a website. It’s easy to access for a lot of people with computers. Technical document in a form of a website can reach far more readers than any other type of publishing method. is the best of the three sources, in my opinion. The design of the website is appealing and it seems clean to me. The organization of the website makes it easy to navigate. The website is divided into different sections, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. The navigation is sorted by the level of difficulty of the language, from basic to advance. Within each section, there are subsection, which represents a topic in a certain web language. Take HTML for example, the subsections are introduction, get started, basic, elements etc. The subsections explain what the topic is and why is it useful and how is it used in HTML. After the explanation there are examples. The content of the website seems to be written by one person, so certain topics won’t be repeated again. The content of the website seems to be written for beginners. What I also like about this source is that it allows users to test out the html codes by themselves; there is a little section in the page to type in the codes. was, in my opinion, a bad source. The only thing I liked about this website is that there are tutorials in the website. So it’ll explain to you how is a certain tag is used or how to put together a webpage. It was difficult to navigate through the website; the menu was in alphabetical order. I would prefer it being sorted by levels of difficulties. Once I have found what I’m looking for I would have to click on the “next” link in order for me to move on, there was no link for me to jump from one page to another within the same topic. So if I wanted to read where I left off, I would have to click the next button until I got where I was last time. The design of the technical document seemed messy to me. was also a bad source. When I visited the website, I didn’t know where to begin. The navigation was way too long. When I clicked on the link I was led to a page with a list of links. The contents of the website seem to be written by many writers. In some ways having many writers is a good and bad thing. For example, if you did not understand what a writer is trying to explain you can look for some other article on the topic. The bad thing is, sometimes writers didn’t write about a certain topic and you’ll miss out on it. The website is geared toward many levels of difficulties, from beginners to advance. There were too many ads on the website.
There are good and bad things about these three sources. The source I liked the most is

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My Midterm Project

I have made a website to display my project. The image below is a link to the project.

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The Subject of my Project is…

The Class was assigned to think of a subject for the next project. The subject has to be a product or a process. I picked developing a website with HTML as my subject. I picked it as my subject because it is what got me interested in the field of computers when I was younger. I’ve been using HTML to develop my website since I was 14 years old.


The sources may change as I get deeper into the project.

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Picture of My New Game!!


by Sergey Galyonkin

I just got this game on wednesday. I’ve been waiting a long time for it. So far I am having fun.

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The Product Choice

There many good presentations that related to Skirky’s book, sharing, cooperation and collective action. Some I agreed with and some I did not. Since I can not pick my own I product, I would have to pick group 5’s product, which was Computer network. Their product embodies all of what Skirky is writing about in chapter 2. They explained how their product relates to the book clearly. In some ways, it is a more general version of my group’s and many other group’s product. Rather than being a specific website, it is about computer networks, which includes the internet.

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Group Evaluations

Group 1

Group 1’s presentation is about gaming websites, like and The visual layout was good, they have all the websites linked. Everything their presentation made sense and relates to the Shirky’s book.

Group 2

As a member of group 2, I think we did a good job. We had all the screenshots of the websites.  I tried to make some contact with the audience.

Group 3

They were clear on what they had to say. They had a good visual presentation. The group had contact with the audience.

Group 4

It was okay. I don’t really see the cooperation or collective action in their product.

Group 5

The presentation makes a sense. There was a little contact with the audience.

Group 7

It was difficult to hear what the group had to say about their product. They had little to no contact with the audience, their backs was towards the audience most to all of the time. They had nice links on their presentation page.

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7 quotes from Here Comes Everybody

“When we change the way we communicate, we change society.”(p 17)
“When an organization grows very large, it reaches the limit implicit in Coase’s theory; at some point an institution simply cannot grow anymore and still remain functional… “(p43-p44)
“New communications capabilities are also changing social that are not tied to professions” (p75-p76)
“The pattern we didn’t have until recently was many-to-many, where communications tools enabled group conversation. “(p 87)
“Never have so many people been so free to say and do so many things with so many other people.”(p122-p123)
“Seen in that light, social tools don’t create collective actions – they merely remove the obstacles to it.”(p159)
“To speak online is to publish, and to publish online is to connect with others.”(p 171)
These seven quotes, involves how communication have changed and how our society have changed with it. With the new communication tools, it allows people with internet connection to connect with many other people. Being able to connect with many people, it is easier to maintain a large group of people in an organization.

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